Privacy Policy

Important Notice

PPS has commitment to respect and protect user privacy and we will try best to protect you on the site to provide us with personal information.

1.The reasons for PPS collecting personal information and use
PPS collect customer's personal information in daily operation is to provide financial and advisory services, and constantly improve its service quality. PPS must obtain such information, otherwise it is impossible to open an account or account management, and will not be able to provide customers with financial services.

Personal information may be used to provide and improve the quality of daily customer service, design customized financial services or related products, promote PPS services or products, as required by law to disclose PPS customer's personal data and any matters related to the above use.

2. Disclose customer's personal information
Customers will be kept absolute confidential in PPS, but PPS may be provide administrative, telecommunications, computer, payment, bank or any other service agencies, third-party contractors or service providers to your information as mentioned in (1 ) above purposes (whether in Hong Kong and outside)

3. Inquiry personal profile record
According to the privacy provisions of the Ordinance, any person has the right to check PPS to save its data records and access to such data. PPS also has the right to check records for personal information to charge a reasonable fee.
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