Single Travel

Travelling is a time for you to relax, explore new experiences and embark on grand adventures. When pushing your boundaries, it is important to have adequate single travel insurance coverage to ensure that you will be safe when abroad.

  • Medical Coverage. If you get injured while travelling, single travel insurance will cover your hospital and specialists’ fees both abroad and when you return home.
  • Travel Assistance. Navigating hospital or legal procedures in a foreign country can be tough. Comprehensive single travel insurance can help you receive the care you need.
  • Cancellation Coverage. If your flight is significantly delayed or canceled, single travel insurance can help you find a new flight or cover last minute accommodation costs.

  • Single travel insurance schemes are all very different. It is important that you research thoroughly your intended plan covers what you need, and applies to the country you are travelling to. iConvoy platform allows you to search your specific criteria and needs when it comes to single travel insurance schemes available in Hong Kong to find the perfect choice for you.

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