Retirement Savings

Receiving a guaranteed income during your retirement allows you to enjoy your golden years hassle-free and without worry. cInsurance has a wide range of plans that can fit any personal needs and restrictions you may have.

  • Low Risk. Stocks and Bonds can lose out to inflation, Retirement Annuity Plan has terms that are guaranteed from the moment you begin.
  • Low Stress. No need to worry about market fluctuations or if your investments will hold up until retirement.
  • No Hassle. No need to manage your money during retirement, get a fixed income every month.

  • cInsurance sources the best annuity plans from all reputable Hong Kong retirement annuity providers on the market. Each has been vetted by our financial advisors to be safe and optimal annuity choices. Book an appointment with our financial advisors to find the ideal Hong Kong retirement annuity plan to grow your money.

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