Private Motor

Driving is an inevitable part of work and life. Private Motor Insurance is necessary to ensure the safe operation of your vehicle for both you and your passengers. Free yourself from worry as well as enjoy added benefits when opting for comprehensive private motor insurance.

  • Damage coverage. Any damage caused by collision, fire or any other accidents are covered, including damage to windscreens.
  • Medical coverage. In the event of an accident, any medical costs accrued by the driver or any passenger will be covered. Legally required third party cover will protect others involved in any accident
  • Vehicle Assistance. Comprehensive coverage offers 24-hour roadside services in case of emergencies and can also offer alternate cars while your main vehicle is immobilized.

  • Driving is about convenience and freedom. Maintain your lifestyle with comprehensive Private Motor Insurance that always ensures you have a working vehicle as well as cover your legal duties. The iConvoy platform has compiled and analyzed all Hong Kong Private Motor Insurance providers for you to make an informed decision.

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