Keyman Insurance

Harmony at the workplace can often be disrupted with the absence of just one person. Keyman Insurance provides coverage to businesses in the event of a key staff member’s passing.

  • Maintain Business Sustainability. Keyman Insurance provides business with capital to keep the doors open and lines of credit flowing.
  • Flexibility. Keyman Insurance can be transferred in the case of a member of staff changing jobs.
  • Protects Valuation. Keyman Insurance is an asset when it comes to company valuation. Potential investors will know that the company will be safe even….

  • There are a few members of staff in every company that the business will struggle to cope in the event of their absence. Selecting the right keyman insurance policy is important to protect your business effectively. Our financial advisors are experts in all major Hong Kong keyman insurance schemes and can help you make the right choice for your company. Book an appointment to get started now.

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