A home is more than a shelter for you and your family, it is where memories are made, treasures are kept and our lives are spent. It is important to protect your home and the belongings within from any unexpected malady, from burst water pipes to typhoons.

  • Content Coverage. Home insurance also insures all of your belongings such as jewelry, home art, electronics and other luxuries.
  • Repair Costs. Any structural damage in the home may need costly repairs that Home Insurance will cover.
  • Third Party Liability. Any damage to neighboring property or people due to your property being damaged is covered.

  • No matter if you are a homeowner, landlord or renter, home insurance is an important step to protecting your wellbeing throughout life. Home Insurance plans are very flexible, having an expert on your side to help you negotiate the best deal will give you the ideal amount of coverage you need. The iConvoy platform has curated all the major Hong Kong home insurance plans available for you to easily compare and research the best policy for you.

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