Critical Illness

Focus on recovering without the worry of increased financial costs. Critical Illness Insurance protects you when you are at your most vulnerable.

  • Extensive Coverage. Many critical illness plans cover over 100 different ailments that are usually not covered by normal medical insurance.
  • Cancer Coverage. Cancer treatment can be very costly. With critical illness plans in place you can focus on your recovery and not worry about the costs.
  • Flexibility. Different critical illness plans will cover different diseases, ranging from diabetes to cancer. If you are more predisposed to any ailment you can focus your coverage there.

  • The financial support Critical Illness Insurance offers help you to recover without stress, however it is important that you select the right critical illness insurance plan to cover your needs. Our financial advisors have researched all major Hong Kong critical illness insurance plans to help you choose the best plan for your needs. Book an appointment with one of them now to get started.

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